I was approached last year with an “irresistible offer” and told, “If I can get you a top 10 listing in Google before Resource River Testimonialyour presentation this Saturday, will you allow me to share the stage with you and show your audience how I did it?”

I was skeptical. But I agreed… and 6 days later I had 9 of the top 10 listings on Google for an important key phrase! Today, more than a year later, I’m still dominating that phrase even though there are over 267,000 competing sites.

John (the technical support person at Resource River, Inc.) is the most brilliant SEO person I’ve ever met, and I know a lot of heavy-hitters in the marketing world.

“I’m excited to have this group on my team.
You do NOT want Resource River working for one of your competitors!”

Eric Lofholm



I am sure you have many of your clients thank you all the time. Here is another one. Each year at this time, I sit down and make what I call a “gratitude list”. This is a list of the many blessing and opportunities that have been placed at my feet. You are at the top of my list this year. It has only been a short time since Zan and I met you and in this time you have had a very positive impact on us. The one other thing that sets you apart from the other “SEO” or “INTERNET GURU’S”, is your true interest on a personal level to see each of us have success at our level of understanding. You have opened the door for Zan and I to grow and learn as no other Internet Person and for that I am grateful.

Thanks again and much success in the coming year,

Bill and Zan Dobyns



I was told that we might see some results around the six month mark. We started seeing increased activity on our web site after four months and now, six months later we are getting significantly more traffic and our orders are increasing with the traffic. I am quite happy that we made the decision to have the pros get us going instead of continuing to try and get results on our own.

SaltWaterTackleDoug Kern



As a FOX Sports Television producer, it is important in my business to deal only with reliable, dependable and professional people in the media and internet communications industry. In my business there is no room for error since we are up against one deadline after another. We are in a very competitive business environment and our finished product must be the best.

We’ve received assistance on many occasions regarding the serving and maintenance of our website as well as the video production part of our company. In times of need it’s like calling 911 when we encounter problems. They’re always there with answers and a high degree of professionalism and expertise.

FoxNetwork TestimonialDanny Jackson, Producer
Ronnie Kovach’s “Fishing Ventures”
FSN West




The return on our investment is too great to calculate as a percentage. It has been so great that we have had to expand our business operations to accommodate the new business.

“It took a couple of months to see some activity and then the phone calls and foot traffic rose continually steady. One of the best parts about it is that the average ticket and profit from our internet customers are higher than any of our other marketing channels. Dollar-for-dollar, this has been the best marketing investment for our business.”

TropicalVibe TestimonialJohn Mendoza
Tropical Vibe Nursery and Landscape




You are a f***ing Ninja….

My industry has never seen anything like this.

Jack Middlewood



Thanks for all the help, the rankings are unbelievable!MotorSports

I just typed in “Honda Motorcycle laguna niguel” for the cycle trader girl and we were #1 ahead of Trader she fell off her chair…

Thanks again,






Our business was dead from traditional advertising methods that used to work for us. The phone had stopped
ringing and we had no web or e-mail inquiries either.

I signed our first contract in months and we  started constructing a water feature in Escondido last. This was due to the wonderful search engine optimization system you guys have provided for our company. Since then, business has picked up and we are  back on track.

Thanks for your great work guys, It literally saved us!

Bob Jorgensen
Waterscape Creations, Inc.



We had no traffic to our year-old Website. Two months after the Website optimization, we had pretty good traffic and page rank of 2. Now that we have traffic, we can direct it any way we want to.

Lu Sadler L.Ac.



… literally overnight got me on the top of all the Google searches, with my slide show. All I did was give them a script, emailed some pictures and “wala”. In the morning I viewed it on on the top 5 spots every way I could
type in my keywords.

It was genius!

Bill Behrens
Mac Daddy’s Ranch
Golf & Tennis Training Facility



… has taken the our web site traffic from good to excellent. We have lowered advertising costs while increasing our traffic and close rate at the same time .

They have had innovative ideas and they are easy to work with. They have always gone above the call of duty to
make sure we are happy with their services.

Their service is unmatched by any other web optimizing company. I recommend them to anyone looking to increase their web site traffic.

Kurt Ecclefield



… we have experienced constant growth of business from the Internet. When we started we were receiving about 15% our business from our web site. Now we have 65% of our business from the web site.

WaterVenturesMaarten Voogd